Values of Ten: Three – Ten

Your true self derives from what you live, eat and breath. I live, eat and breath these values day in and out to continuously improve and evolve spiritually. Values of Ten is what defines me, nothing else. What defines you?


If you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food, and clean water to drink, you are wealthier than you might consider.  More importantly,  you are Love and have Love in your life, you are wealthy beyond measure.  – Gratitude

As I have stated in a previous blog, we are all perfectly imperfect, unique and special. We are all created by the one source, Love which is why we are all brothers and sisters of Love. What separates all of us is the inability to understand and live with Oneness. Together We Can Achieve More for Humanity. My religion is Love and Oneness. What is yours? – Open-mind

Roam freely, spread those wings and soar like the phoenix in the universe. Evolve like the butterfly inside you. Conform to nothing but genuine Love and Joy. – Free-spirited

We are authentic when our personality aligns with our soul. When we are aligned, we are Authentic Power. Be nothing but what you are created to be.  – Authenticity

We are part of the one true source of being and are never alone. We are always divinely guided and protected. Our Faith is bigger than any concept or character in this reality. – Faith

We are born to conquer any and all fears by always choosing Love. Courage is always responding with Love. – Courage

We experience favorable and un-favorable people, places and circumstances to persevere from lightness to darkness, then darkness to lightness; it’s a never ending cycle as we continuously improve to evolve spiritually. Each encounter brings us a little closer to the one true source of being. – Resilience

After my husband died, I asked myself, why am I still here but he is not? It’s been almost two years since he has physically left earth and I still don’t know why I am still here; but what I know for sure is nothing brings me more joy than being able to help another fellow human. Nothing aligns my personality and soul more than helping another in a positive way. In the words of Maya Angelou, “Your Legacy is Every Life You’ve Touched.” –  Service to Others




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