My Obsession

Even the characters of this reality is not enough to express what it is that I feel in my Soul and Heart for Meng…

Meng’s love is like a drug to me. It is by far my greatest addiction; it gives me Purpose; it gives me Life… No rehabilitation in this reality can relieve me of this addiction.  The day he physically left Earth was the day my addiction became even stronger; it was the day my soul became lifeless. The agony is ever binding; I too died that day…

I suffer from an illness called Meng and have been ill for quite some time now. This illness not only depletes mental and physical capacity, but also devours the heart and soul. Some of the symptoms are sadness, insomnia and physical pain particularly on the left side of the chest. There is no cure as the only cure is Meng. The only course of treatment is daily doses of the universal language, Love. Even then, the illness is only at bay until it advances again.  Although this illness has permanent residency, I am in remission; I am who some might refer to as the Walking Wounded…


Meng was and still is my entire world this life time, forever in Life After Life. When I am with him, I feel I am on top of worlds in a timeless space on cloud nine; when I am with him, I feel there is no force or energy greater than the Love we share; when I am with him, I am Home for he is my safe haven; he is every vertebrae that makes up my backbone; he is my morphine; he is the air I breath; he is the beat to my heart; he is every fiber of my being; He completes me…

Life whispered to my soul and said, “You were assigned this mountain to show other’s it can be moved” – Anonymous

I comprehend that I serve a greater purpose, but I remain Loyal to only One King, Meng Thoj. 






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