Utter Silence

“I live each day wondering how I will get through it and then I remember that you would want me to.” – Anonymous

Forever Missed… Forever Loved…


” I closed my eyes with silence and spoke to you in infinite ways…” 

My Dearest Meng Thoj,

Bittersweet is the picture below of our son and brother… The world continues to spin, yet your physical absence remains boisterous, even in a space full of humans. It’s like standing in the middle while traffic of all sorts repeatedly cycles around you, yet all you notice is utter silence… Yes, I do take a second or two to smile while living, but it’s never without the image of your handsome character in mind. Not a moment goes by that I breath without thinking of you.

Forever,                                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Meng Thoj

“Some souls understand each other, even in silence…” 


“Moments often speak what we feel is unexplainable …”

Silence filled the environment where  I was and stillness consumed me completely when I received this photo on that day…Happy, grateful, humbled and mournful all at the same time.


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