Simple things are often viewed more complex in life after loss…                                                                Share your experience or comments here.


After the storm, I woke up to discover yet another challenge without my husband physically and immediately felt the lumps of love trapped in my throat, and hollows of my chest seeping at the corner of my eyes. Deep down inside I knew I could accomplish anything my soul sets my heart and mind to, except this one task. But Hope, and Faith gave me Courage to ask for help and so I did. Sure enough, through prayers my request for assistance was answered with a team of family members who gave me the time of days. Rather than using their time for leisure, they spent their weekend putting my fence back together. Little did they know they not only put a fence back together, they also put a young widow back together through their unwavering support and company. Each picket, post and panel repaired represented a piece of heart and courage. Piece by piece with heart the pickets were put together; then the post, and panels and finally Courage was rebuilt. The fence repaired not only represent security, but symbolizes strength in numbers and more importantly, it personifies heart.


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